#1 Vegetable Fights Cancer | Dr. Mandell

The best performing vegetables are from the allium family which includes garlic, onions and leaks which can stop nearly 100% of the growth for different cancers. Broccoli, kale, cabbage and their relatives, called the cruciferous” family are a close second. In one amazing study, they dripped the juice of 34 different vegetable extracts on cancer cells 1 recording the reduction in growth. Garlic was the grand champ and also had the most antioxidants. Some vegetables showed no benefits at all. Lettuce had very little cancer killing ability compared to broccoli. Tomatoes were decent on some cancer cells, bad on others. However, the tomatoes have the important disease fighting compound lycopene which is not soluble in water. Because of that if the study were done differently tomatoes might have performed better. Some vegetables had some surprising results. Radishes, for example, were fabulous for breast and stomach cancer but did very little for other cancers. This doesn’t assess how much actually gets into the system.Fruits and vegetables attack cancer in multiple ways; they prevent DNA adducts from forming “adducts”, they reduce inflammation, they reduce formation of blood vessels that feed the cancer (angiogenesis), and they kill the cancer cells directly. But as you can see, many of the common vegetables aren’t as potent as the allium and cruciferous vegetables. Some seem to do nothing at all.