10 dog training lessons you can do on EVERY WALK

Going for a walk can provide your dog with more than just a bathroom break. It can give them physical exercisemental stimulation, and a chance to keep tabs on the neighborhood. To make sure your dog is truly enjoying their walks, be sure to avoid these three common mistakes.Some dogs seem to be ruled by their noses and think of nothing else while on a scent trail. Proper training can help regain their focus when out on a walk. Consider teaching cues like “Watch me” or “Leave it” to take their minds off the smell and put their attention back on you. Reward short bursts of heeling or loose leash walking with frequent sniffing sessions to help foster good walking behavior.Teach your dog to walk with a loose leash (having the leash hang down in a “J” shape between you) by stopping and changing direction whenever he gets ahead of you. When he turns to catch up, reward him with praise, a small treat, and the chance to keep walking. Only let your dog walk when the leash is slack. The loose leash will eliminate pressure on his throat and prevent you from triggering his opposition reflex. If you already have a determined puller, consider using a training harness or head harness while you work on developing your dog’s polite walking skills.

3 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your Dog’s Walk

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