10 foods that are good for your liver and keep you healthy

The liver is a vital organ that serves a multitude of functions. It cleans the blood of toxins and poisons, synthesizes proteins, stores energy, creates cholesterol, processes hemoglobin, aides the immune system, and helps with digestion.

This small, three-pound organ wears many hats and works constantly to keep us healthy. Functions of the liver include:

  • Cleans the blood of toxins and poisons
  • Synthesizes proteins
  • Stores energy
  • Creates cholesterol
  • Processes hemoglobin
  • Aids the immune system
  • Helps digestion

These are organic compounds that comprise a protein.

Fats and sugars from digestion are also turned into cholesterol by the liver to help carry energy and certain vitamins throughout the body. The liver stores iron and glycogen for use carrying oxygen and for extra energy

Give your liver a break so it can catch up on its important work, rest, and detoxify itself. Doing a liver cleanse is easy and here’s how:

  • Avoid processed foods, fats, animal proteins, and refined sugars for a few days.
  • Eat healthy, fresh, and a good amount of raw fruits and vegetables that help the liver clean itself faster.
  • You can also consume many fresh juices to give your digestive system a short break at the same time.
  • Choose organic food that’s free of pesticides and chemicals.

If you’re taking medications, get medical advice from your doctor on how to proceed with detoxification.