10 Tips That Will Force Your Body To Bulk Up Fast

Limit your cardiovascular/aerobic activities. Some cardiovascular exercise will help to maintain your aerobic ability during the bulking phrase, however moderate to high amounts of cardio will burn excessive amounts of calories (limiting weight gain).Focus on heavy and intense compound exercises. Many skinny guys waste their time on isolation exercises, however for maximum mass — focus on multi-joint exercises that stimulate more muscles simultaneously. Squats, deadlifts, bench pressing, over-head pressing, rows, chins etc. These exercises are also proven to secrete more testosterone and HGH.Eat irregularly. Although some people suggest eating every few hours, doing so elevates the metabolism and increases BMR (basil metabolic rate). Thus, by eating more frequently you will need to consume higher quantities of calories to gain weight. The main problem skinny guys face when bulking up is — their metabolism is already fast, thus speeding this up further is counterproductive.