10 Warning Signs Your Kidneys are Toxic

Here are the 7 Warning signs that your kidneys are toxic:
1. Edema (fluid build-up) in legs or underneath eyes
2. Uremic frost (urea crystal deposits on the skin)
3. High blood pressure
4. Exhaustion
5. Excess protein in the urine
6. Acidic urine
7. Low vitamin D
These are the primary causes of kidney damage:
#1 Diabetes
#2 High blood pressure
#3 Polycystic kidney disease
#4 GlomerulonephritisThe best foods and nutrients for your kidneys are:
• Leafy-green vegetables
• Asparagus
• Kale
• Celery
• Fish/seafood
• Organic grass-fed meat
• Baja gold sea salt
• Renafood (Standard Process)Avoid these foods if you have kidney problems:
• Spinach
• Almonds
• Kiwi
• Beat leaves
• Beans
• Grains
• All low-quality foods that contain chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs
2.5 liters of water daily is ideal for supporting healthy kidneys.