11 Signs You Were Born To Be A Loner

Being a loner often means that you would rather have just a few really good friends than a bunch of acquaintances. This is partly because loners tend to spend more one-on-one time with a friend than attending a large get-together with a bunch of friends that they do not know that well. Additionally, it can sometimes be draining for people with a loner personality to meet new people.Another one of the most common signs of a loner is that large gatherings are exhausting to them. Loners are typically the ones that are looking to make an early and quiet escape from a party or family event, especially if there are a lot of people there that they do not know well. You can also spot a loner at a party pretty easily because they usually seem pretty uncomfortable.Unfortunately, sometimes the stress of dating loners doesn’t end when they meet someone new. Going on first, second, and even third dates can be a pretty stressful time for loners. A lot of the time they will really need to get to know a person before they truly become comfortable.

20 Signs You Were Born to Be a Loner | the Lone Wolf