12 Healthiest Foods You Should Eat In The Morning

Foods that contain little or no carbohydrate, like eggs, nuts, and meats, have a glycemic index and load of close to zero. Does this mean that’s what we should eat? Not necessarily. See, they also have no fiber, nor any other important plant nutrients.
So what are some healthy breakfast choices? In a previous Harvard Health blog I told you what my family and I eat for breakfast. Here are some easy options to fuel you for your busy day:
plain yogurt, fruit, and nuts
oatmeal, fruit, nuts
whole wheat or rye toast with nut butter
black beans and tortilla (corn or whole wheat).
And if you enjoy eggs in the morning, you can try this Frying Pan Frittata. This recipe works very well with frozen veggies, and variations are commonly served as dinner at our house. For a breakfast, this can serve two to four people.

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