15 Ways Intelligent People Deal With Difficult and Toxic People

Toxicity can show up in a lot of different ways. You may have a toxic friend and not even realize it. Here are several ways that toxic behavior can manifest:

  • They create and are surrounded by interpersonal issues.
  • They try to manipulate and control you.
  • They are needy and make strong demands on your attention.
  • They are extremely critical of themselves and other people.
  • They are unwilling to seek help or try to change.
  • They are extremely disrespectful and always seem to get their way.Recognize the traits of an angry person so you can learn to respond appropriately. Here are a few signs of an angry person:Shouting at people.
  • Threatening people.
  • Interrogating people with hostile questioning.
  • Regularly using strong, intense language.Cynical people have a negative view of the world. This view infects everything in their life and they have a difficult time being positive. They are hard to be around because of the unending dark cloud overhead. Cynical people may:Complain endlessly about their lives.
  • Never be satisfied with how you act toward them.
  • Fail to contribute anything positive to the relationship.
  • Feel distrust and unnecessary negativity towards others.Ask yourself the following questions:Am I feeling drained right now? Does it seem like the person is draining my emotions?
  • Am I walking on eggshells? Am I afraid to say the wrong thing because they might react negatively?
  • Am I ignoring my own voice? Is the person making it hard for me to listen to myself and follow my own values?
  • Do I feel smaller and less important around this person?