18 Things Your Face Can Tell You about Deep Health Problems

Balding – A sign of high DHT (testosterone) • Pumpkin seeds • Green tea • Zinc

2. Losing outer eyebrows – A sign of hypothyroidism • Iodine

3. Bloodshot eyes – A sign of liver issues and insulin resistance • Avoid junk food • Avoid alcohol • Get on Healthy keto and IF

4. Dark circles beneath eyes – A sign of insulin resistance • Keto and IF

5. Bags beneath eyes – A sign of blood sugar problems or kidney issues • Keto and IF

6. Oily skin – A sign of high androgens (men) or PCOS (women) • Zinc • Keto and IF

7. Facial hair (women) – A sign of high androgens • Keto and IF

8. Acne – A sign of high androgens • Keto and IF

9. Cataracts – A sign of vitamin deficiency and high insulin • Vitamin A • Vitamin B1 (benfotiamine) • NAC drops • Lower carbs

10. Red cheeks – A sign of Cushing syndrome and high cortisol • Natural antibiotics, including garlic, oregano, thyme, wormwood extract, and sage • Natural probiotics, like sauerkraut

11. Grey or brown cheeks – A sign of melasma and high estrogen • Avoid unnecessary hormone medications • Avoid environmental plastics • Avoid estrogenic chemicals • Use DIM • Consume cruciferous vegetables • Take iodine (sea kelp)

12. Peeling, rough or dry skin, or Dermatitis – Signs of low omega-3s and high omega-6s • Increase fatty fish • Cod liver oil • Avoid chicken, fried foods, nuts, and grains • Avoid junk food

13. Dry eyes – A sign of low omega-3s • Cod liver oil