3 Secrets to Boost Muscle Strength After Fifty

To start, you can do the same exercises at the same weight and just increase the number of sets or repetitions. But once you can do two or three sets of 15 repetitions with great form, it’s time to add some weight for that exercise.
A good rule of thumb is to only increase the weight by 10 percent (or the next available weight size) at a time. When increasing weight, drop the number of repetitions back down to where you started.
For bodyweight exercises, like pull-ups, squats or push-ups, you can increase the physical challenge by using less assistance (such as moving from your knees to your toes on push-ups), or by doing the repetitions slower.
Recovery Time Is Part of the Process
Another way to avoid injury and reap the maximum benefit from your workouts is to take time off. The physiological changes that make us stronger and add new muscle fibers don’t happen during exercise but afterward, during recovery. And, as we age, those physiological mechanisms move a little more slowly, so you might need an extra rest day each week, especially if you’ve recently increased weight, sets or repetitions.
At a minimum, take at least one day off between strength training days. It’s a great idea to do some cardio on those days, but don’t stress the muscles you’ve just worked. It’s also wise to take an entire week off from strength training every six to eight weeks. This allows the body to recover more completely, and you should find that you’re a bit stronger when you return to the gym after this layoff.
Get the Right Nutrition
As with any exercise program, good nutrition is important for gaining strength and muscle. But because muscle gain is weight gain, and weight gain can’t happen without a calorie surplus, you’ll need to eat a few more calories than normal. Just be sure it’s only a few, and that they are high-quality calories.An optimal diet for 50-plus adults who want to gain a bit of muscle should include lots of fresh vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits, and may include some lean animal protein, too.
Get stronger after 50