4 Minute Face Yoga To Help Sinuses And Reduce Tension

Stress and anxiety can affect your sinuses indirectly by increasing your susceptibility to a range of health issues that, in turn, worsen your sinus problems.
Sustained stress can weaken your body’s immune system, making you more vulnerable to the effects of allergens, as well as germs, bacteria, viruses, infections. Some of the most common stress-related infections eat away at your cilia, which are responsible for blocking harmful bacteria from entering the body through your nose. The destruction of cilia creates the link between stress and sinusitis. Without the cilia properly in place, bacteria is now free to grow, causing your nasal sinuses to become clogged. To make matters worse, when you’re already stressed and not feeling well mentally, the added burden of untreated sinus pain can make your body even more vulnerable to potential illness.