4 Ways to Activate Your Feminine Energy✨

Masculine energy is penetrative. It is dominant, logical, hard, direct, solid, and structured. It is “doing” energy. The masculine craves emptiness.Feminine energy is receptive. It is submissive, intuitive, soft, indirect, ever-changing, and fluid. It is “being” energy. The feminine craves fullness.Feminine energy is radiant. It’s like a flower. It’s beauty and grace personified. Feminine energy inspires creativity and art. The feminine attracts what she wants simply by existing in her natural state of flow. It’s endless chatter, music, song.
To the masculine, the feminine is like taking a big drink of water when you’re thirsty. It’s what makes life worth living.Create as much free time in your schedule as possible. For things that need to get done, give yourself as much freedom and creativity around them as possible. Some amount of structure will be needed, of course, but there is probably more room for freedom in your schedule than you imagine.Wearing a long skirt or dress, not wearing a bra or underwear, letting your hair down… all of these things can immediately help you shift into a more open, feminine stateThe same as having pleasure for the sake of pleasure, beauty for the sake of beauty matters. Your individual way of creating beauty doesn’t matter – adorning yourself with jewelry, wearing makeup, doing your hair, wearing a pretty outfit, doing your nails, putting on lotion or perfume, whatever it is – anything that registers as beauty to you will help you drop into your feminine..Moving in more fluid ways will help you connect to your feminine energy. Even going for a walk where you wander and don’t plan it out is great – that’s the feminine, permission to just aimlessly walk around and be.
11 ways to increase your feminine energy (and what’s blocking you from it)