5 Best Cereals That Barely Raise Blood Sugar

Try Quinoa. Cooked quinoa can contain 70% carbohydrates, with 14.5% protein, and about 14% fat, but remember – quinoa is an excellent source of COMPLEX carbohydrates, which take longer for your body to digest than overly processed simple carbohydrates. And its protein content helps slow digestion.Go for Muesli. This cereal grain contains the soluble fiber called BETA-GLUCAN, which can help slow the digestive process, which, in turn, slows the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. Plus, muesli is an excellent source of RESISTANT STARCH, a carbohydrate which will not raise blood sugar and it acts much like fiber.Give Rice-Based Cereals a shot. Brown rice cereal supplies an assortment of diabetes-fighting micronutrients, including manganese, phosphorus, selenium, and the B vitamins thiamine and pyridoxine.