5 Subconscious Things You Do That Make Others Ignore You

Your boss or spouse takes forever, if ever, to answer your emails.Tactfully raising the issue may yield improvement without getting yourself viewed as high-maintenance. For example, you might try something like, “We all have our pet peeves. I must admit that mine is getting frustrated when I don’t get a reasonably prompt response to important emails. I know you’re under a lot of pressure but I’d consider it a favor if, where possible, you got back to me say within 24 hours if only to say, “I’m swamped but will get back to you in a week on this.”You walk down the street and people look right past you.Do you want to try establishing eye contact and smiling at people? Experiment with clothes, hair, or makeup that might attract more attention? Even venture a nice comment such as, “I love that pin you’re wearing,” or “Is this not the most beautiful weather?” Stranger things have happened than small talk spawning a nice conversation and even a relationship.Perhaps most important, it might help to remind yourself that you can’t control others but have some measure of control over yourself. So try to replace needing others’ affirmations with your own self-appraisal. How wonderful if our sense of self-worth derived more from whether we feel we’re a good person than how some self-absorbed egotists treat us.