6 Best Foods to Eat to naturally improve Gut Health

Fermented foods are a type of probiotic. This means that they contain live bacteria or yeast.
One 2021 study found that following a diet rich in fermented foods helped increase the diversity of the gut microbiota while decreasing dangerous inflammatory markers. This means that more healthy bacteria can grow in the gut.
The presence of inflammatory markers indicates that there is inflammation in the body, possibly from oxidative stress, an infection, or another condition.
Some examples of fermented probiotic foods include:

kombuchaAccording to a 2015 review, eating more fiber and less fat may modify the composition of your gut microbiota within 1 day of making this dietary change.
Your gut bacteria will ferment non-digestible fibers in your gut. This is beneficial because it boosts the growth and diversity of healthy gut bacteria.
Eating more fiber may prompt the gut to increase the production of a metabolite called indolepropionic acid. Although research is still in the preliminary stages, indolepropionic acid is an antioxidant that may potentially help treat tuberculosis and lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Some examples of fiber in food include:
whole grain foods