6 Foods That CAUSE Belly Fat (Visceral Fat) To AVOID

In Obesity they found trans fats caused weight gain and extra visceral belly fat build up along with increases in insulin resistance.
Finally, in June 2015 the FDA banned trans fats but gave food manufacturers 3 years before they had to be completely off the shelves.
Another study found trans fats were significantly linked to causing inflammation, insulin resistance and heart disease.
And here’s one more crazy study…
At the end of 6 years researchers discovered monkeys fed an extra 8% trans fat diet gained weight and had 33% more belly fat gains than those fed an 8% monounsaturated fat diet despite both groups getting enough calories to maintain their weight.
There are more and more studies proving just how bad trans fats are for us, but thankfully they’ll be completely gone soon.
Along with margarine not too many people are aware that soy is bad for you.
Instead of cooking your food with margarine try taking a look at some healthy cooking oils.