6 Reasons Highly Intelligent People Struggle Finding Love

Intelligent people tend to be detail-oriented. They often like to check out and analyze all the qualitieThey are totally secure and at peace with who they are and what they have, such that they are often careful to avoid anything that could cripple their independence — even relationships. Some believe, getting into a relationship will steal away their independence, so they try to avoid it, or at least stay single for just a while longer.
But the truth is, that when you’re in a mature relationship with someone that truly loves you, they won’t try to control you or will they interfere with your independence and characteristics of someone before starting a relationship with them.Being very careful about selecting partners is a wise decision, but being too careful can be a problem. Intelligent people are easily suspicious — especially when trying to choose a partner. They can think up a lot of bad things, all because they don’t want to be deceived into selecting the wrong person.
Sometimes, this might work in their favour — but, because of this, they can be alone for long periods of time.