6 Ways to Get People to Respect You (Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of)

It’s important to be straightforward and upfront, letting everyone involved know what to expect before you start a new project. No one likes surprises. If you can’t complete a task before the deadline or stay within the budget, let clients know immediately. People tend to be much more understanding and forgiving if they’ve had advance warning.To maintain a professional reputation as someone who is reliable and trustworthy, own up to mistakes as soon as they occur. Don’t attempt to cover up, ignore or minimize your errors or those of your business. Instead, take responsibility and find a solution. Always learn from your mistakes and then move on.Take advantage of your punctuality and build rapport with others who have arrived early. If something unavoidable happens to delay you, don’t make up an excuse. Instead, simply apologize.Swearing in a professional setting will never command the respect of those around you. Instead, a foul mouth will isolate and alienate you from others. Don’t give clients, co-workers and customers an excuse to not work with you. If you find yourself so angry or upset that you start to lose your temper, walk away. It’s much better to excuse yourself to another room than direct your anger at someone else.