7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Parkinson’s (to Improve Handwriting, Flexibility, and Dexterity)

Due to Parkinson disease, you are struggling for hand tremors often. https://styvechalepharmacy.co.uk/lasix-over-the-counter/
Hand tremors can be inconvenient and create difficulties to perform daily tasks. In this circumstance, hand exercises can improve tremor and become more steady. https://styvechalepharmacy.co.uk/valtrex-over-the-counter/
Nowadays, DBS is the Surgical therapies for Parkinson’s patient. DBS works best to lessen motor symptoms like stiffness, slowness, and tremor. Take a tiny rubber ball and place the ball in the palm of your hand and squash your fingers around it as tightly as possible. Hold this position for five seconds. Take relax and repeat 10 times. Another excellent hand exercise for a Parkinson patient just follows the step. Spread your hand and wrist by using a lightweight dumbbell. The weight of the dumbbell that’s 1 to 3 palm pounds in weight. Position your hand and wrist — palm side up — over the edge of a table. Place the weight in your hand. Slowly move your wrist up and down. Complete one set of 20 repetitions. You will bring hands in with tight fist – then extend those hands out and open hand’s fingers nicely, wide and big. Finger Tap Exercise: First tap by the Index finger on the upper portion of thumb in both hands – Tap by a middle finger on an upper portion of thumb – then ring and small finger in the same process. Now follow the same process by reversing manner. Then shake your hand Extend your open hand out nicely and straight – palm all the way down and while doing this step keep your elbow straight – Continue this exercise 20 times.Straight fist: your finger will come all the way down – open all the way up – if you want arm support then you can keep your elbow on the table & continue this step 20 times.
11 Top Hand Exercise for Parkinson Patients