Ab Exercises Ranked (BEST TO WORST!)

Many people still do these ‘old school’ ab exercises because they think that these exercises are going to give them strong, defined abs.

As we’ve seen above, the worst ab exercises may make you feel like you’re accomplishing something, but you’re really not.
First, if you have excess fat covering your ab muscles, you’ll never see them anyways.
Secondly, sit-ups and similar ab exercises are heavily reliant on what’s called “hip flexion”, which poses a big pulling force on your lumbar spine (ie. lower back).1. Sit-upsDo enough of them and you’re sure to create muscular imbalances and create a hunched-forward posture. Funny thing is this exercise tends to tire the muscles on the front of your neck more than your abs.
Make no mistake, this is one of the very worst ab exercises, if not the worst ab exercise of all.Supine Leg RaisesThese are essentially “reverse sit-ups”. Same motion but with the legs moving, instead of your torso. Again, this is all hip flexors, with your abs playing a secondary role.
The 10 Worst Ab Exercises That Waste Your Time and Kill Your Spine