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Arnold Schwarzenegger followed a high-volume, high-frequency approach. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to follow a 3-day split-style workout routine twice a week. Arnold had always been addicted to training and he used to work out 6-days a week. His workout routine involved training with heavy weights and hitting failure on almost every single set.

Arnold Schwarzenegger always prioritized training with free weights rather than training with machines. He believed that training with free weights builds up the foundational strength and muscle mass of a world-class bodybuilding physique. Moreover, it also aids in perfecting your lifting form on various exercises.

  • Monday- Chest, and Back
  • Tuesday- Shoulder and Arms
  • Wednesday- Legs and Lower Back
  • Thursday- Chest, and Back
  • Friday- Shoulder, and Arms
  • Saturday- Legs and Lower Back
  • Sunday- Rest DayArnold Schwarzenegger’s workout routine involved a variety of exercises for each muscle group. He made sure to stress each muscle group adequately to prove growth.Arnold Schwarzenegger used to make a slight change in his workout plan while preparing for competitions. He used to hit each muscle group thrice a week at those times.  rnold Schwarzenegger has been one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. But he didn’t acquire his most perfect shape overnight. It took him numerous years to achieve that physique that resembled a cut diamond.