BEST 7 workout abs at home I’m sure all my followers will like

Strengthening your abs helps you build strength in other areas of your body, and helps you to maintain proper form when doing full-body movements like push-ups. Doing so will also help you to have better balance, good posture, and do all the hobbies you love while avoiding injury.

Step 1: Place your hands on the floor, directly underneath your shoulders.

Step 2: Extend your legs behind you, about hip-width distance.

Step 3: Engage your core, including your butt, and tuck your tailbone.

Step 4: Hold for a set amount of time or as long as you can.

Step 2: Place your hands behind your head. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. 

Step 3: As you exhale, activate your abdominal muscles and tilt your chin slightly toward your chest. 

Step 4: Continue activating until your torso curls toward your thighs. Your shoulders should lift up but your tailbone and lower back should remain on the mat.

Step 5: As you inhale, lower back down slowly to the floor or mat.