Best and Worst Breakfast Foods | The Effects of Eating Processed Foods and Sugar

Oatmeal + Nut Butter + Fruit. Old fashioned oats are a great complex source of carbs and fiber to keep you energized and full. A nut or seed butter of your choice provides a dose of both protein and healthy fat. Sliced bananas or frozen berries add a touch of natural sweetness while adding to the fiber quotient and providing essential nutrients like vitamin C and A.

Scrambled Eggs + Spinach + Whole Grain Toast. You’re starting to see a pattern. Whole grain toast = complex carbs. Spinach = fiber, minerals like potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6, B9 and E. Eggs are an egg-cellent (pardon the pun) source of protein and a nutritional powerhouse. They are also no longer a feared source of extra cholesterol. (Pro tip: If you’re trying to stay gluten-free, throw your egg scramble into a corn tortilla with some hot sauce and a slice of avocado. Breakfast tacos are always a good idea.)

Smoothie With Spinach + Berries + Greek Yogurt. We’ve already touted the benefits of berries (which in this case serve as the carb source) and spinach above, but greek yogurt is another nutrient jackpot. It has roughly double the protein per serving compared to conventional yogurt. And it contains gut-friendly bacteria and probiotics to help boost your immune system and keep stomach woes at bay.