Boost Your IQ and Multiple Intelligence | Jim Kwik

Some are extroverts by nature, while others are introverts.
Regardless, however, studies have shown that being sensitive and listening to others can help nurture one’s social intelligence. This does not equal to an introvert becoming extroverted. The mere act of paying attention to others without necessarily opening up is key to establishing successful interpersonal relationships.Effective communication is at the heart at social interaction. It may mean the difference between a successful and a failed social relationship.
Competent communication starts with verbal fluency, or being able to articulate your ideas freely without strain. This is accompanied by proper body language. Body language says a ton about a person, perhaps more than verbal communication. Take cues from people around you and learn the right body language.
Maintaining eye contact is also important for proper communication. This is a show of confidence and assertiveness, both of which help build social intelligence.To improve your social intelligence, establish healthy ways of conflict resolution. Learn from people around you and ask them how they feel about how your methods. Improve them where possible.Humans are social beings. We cannot live in isolation. It is as such important to improve our social intelligence in order to enhance our social interactions. Not only does doing this improve our overall social performance, it also keeps us healthy.
How to improve social intelligence