Brain Exercise to Improve Memory | Jim Kwik

Moreover, our brain’s cognitive reserve can be improved by; 
brain-healthy lifestyle adoption
regular performance of targeted brain exercise
forming healthier habits (diet, exercise, etc.)
Aging is associated with a lot of mental problems and as such, we need to start taking care of our brain health early enough to slow down the brain aging process. Thus, we must ensure that we are not spending most of our time passive but keep on doing activities that stimulate our brains. Consequently, routine makes our brain sluggish, lazy and slow and thus bad for your brain. It is therefore important to shake your daily activities up a bit so as to stimulate your brain to ensure you are always having a sharp and healthier mind. Activities that are both novel and complex are enough to stimulate the brain. People who exercise their brains have their cognitive abilities increased and a good mental health generally.  Brain exercise has many benefits and one exercise cannot give all of the benefits at once. It is like physical exercises, where some types focus on your abs, triceps, etc. some of the benefits of brain exercise;Memorizing a list of your “to do list”, grocery list etc. after an hour or so, try to recall all the things you added on your list.  This is an exercise that must be done frequently, and over time you can try to add items that are a little difficult and challenging to get a greater mental stimulation. Switching hands
Trying to use the hand that is weaker, left handed will use the right hand vice versa to do certain tasks like writing, eating or brushing your teeth. Brain activity is highly increased by using a non-dominant hand because it is hard to do so. Eating with chopsticks
This brain exercise is effective for people that do not know how to use chopsticks. However, those who already know how to use them could try using the non-dominant hand to stimulate the brain. Using chopsticks will ensure you eat mindfully thus enhancing your digestive system, brain and calorie consumption. 
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