Can You Build Muscle Just By Swimming?

 You can build your muscles through swimming. Just like weight workouts in the gym, swimming is also a resistance workout that pushes your muscles to grow and expand. Swimming is low impact and has low risks of injury as you are working out in the water.

It’s an ideal exercise for those who can’t incorporate high-impact workouts in their routine as well as for those who are suffering from joint injuries or have some sort of problems, which makes it harder for them to do cardio and weight lifting exercises.Swimming is one of the ways to build muscles; an example will be of professional and/or Olympic swimmers; they are packed with lean muscles.The fundamental principle behind muscular growth is that when exposed to highly intense activities that they can’t perform, they tend to stretch, tear, and break down. When it happens, your muscles go into a recovery state, and when they come back, they come back stronger than before.

hat’s how all resistance exercises help you achieve muscles. Just like other resistance exercises such as weightlifting, swimming follows the same principle. But there’s a catch to building muscles through swimming exercises.

When you are swimming, the stress placed on your body relatively gets dispersed through your body; compare this to weightlifting, where the impact gets placed on your muscles, which you are training.

That’s why in swimming, the muscles take much longer time to build than weight lifting. However, since the impact is decreased, you have much fewer chances of getting injured while performing swimming exercises.

Building Muscle by Swimming: How To Gain Impressive Results