Can You Guess Her Age? — Raw Vegan Diet Is Woman’s Fountain of Youth

Many experts and laypeople alike who are followers or proponents of this movement understand that raw veganism goes all the way back to our earliest human beginnings. Think about it: what animal do you know that cooks its food? Secondly, what food source is easier to obtain in nature by humans without any weapons: plant or animal food?veganism is on the rise, and quite sharply at that, integrating itself amidst the mainstream. The reasons why increasing numbers of people today are showing an interest in veganism and following this path, are many. Each person will have their own unique motivation for making this choice. However, it is safe to say that in all cases some combination of health, environmental, social, political, and spiritual reasons is behind the decision.raw vegan dietary approach tends to make people the most aware, conscious, and mindful about their food choices, compared to any other dietary approach. Those who follow this approach are not only intentional about what food they are eating but typically about the source of that food and its quality as well.Food is meant to nourish and keep us healthy, and raw veganism helps us learn just how our food can do this in the most optimal ways. Raw veganism allows us to explore the highest potential of nutrient integrity and density of food, which naturally translates to making the healthiest choices possible, especially given today’s challenges when it comes to food.
People who are raw vegan aren’t only more conscientious about their food but tend to adopt overall, healthier lifestyle habits, and be more mindful of all of their lifestyle choices, and how any of these choices impact the health of our Earth.raw veganism adheres and refers most specifically to whole food and clean eating. A person who is just vegan can easily eat lots of processed and unhealthy foods, but if you are raw vegan, then nearly all, if not all, of the foods you eat, will typically be whole, real, unrefined, and unprocessed. All processed foods involve some thermal treatment during their processing, like high-heat cooking, roasting, pasteurization, etc. All of this processing strips the food of so much of its beneficial attributes while introducing many harmful properties. So many nutrients are destroyed or denatured, while health-destroying compounds, like acrylamideheterocyclic amines, and advanced glycation end products – AGEs are often created in the process. (This all applies to home-cooking of foods at high temperatures or for prolonged periods of time as well.)
And unfortunately most processed foods today are made up of ingredients that are themselves refined, processed, or synthetic, leading to a final product that is far removed from being any kind of nourishing or healthful substance. Therefore, a raw vegan approach helps a person automatically (and easily) avoid the thousands of unnatural additives that are found in our “food” today, effectively decreasing the stress and toxic load on the body. These include refined sugars and oils, genetically modified organisms, colors and flavors,

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