Cardiac Rehab: Home Exercise Programme

A home exercise program is a series of exercises that patients complete at home to maintain strength and increase therapeutic gains. Home exercises are designed to be practical, accessible and feasible so that patients can maximize efforts without instruction.
When you attend a session with your Long Island physical therapist, your session will consist of various parts. To minimize the pain that the patient will experience, the physical therapist may soothe the injured area with a massage. They will also help the patient to perform various stretches in a safe manner, and guide the patient through many exercises. At the end of the session, the physical therapist may also assign a home physical therapy program.
man exercising on floor of home
Designed to continue a patient’s recovery progress outside of the physical therapy office, a home exercise program encourages patients to participate in specific exercises. Patients can increase their chances for recovery by regularly performing these exercises and strengthening musculature.