Chair Yoga for restricted mobility & Seniors 65 and up – 20 Minutes

“More than a third of Americans who practice yoga are age 50 and older,” according to research by yoga therapist Carol Krucoff. Some have been doing yoga for decades. In fact, many seniors continue to practice well into their 60s, 70s and beyond.“Yoga participants aged 65 years and older have a greater rate of injury when compared with other age groups,” according to Krucoff, author of Relax into Yoga for is known for its ability to help improve muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The key for seniors, especially those who are new to yoga, is to find ways to practice that allow them to feel stable and supported throughout the practice. That’s where props, including chairs, can help.
Chair yoga is not necessarily synonymous with yoga for seniors. Anyone can practice with a chair–either sitting down or using the chair for support in standing poses—and the practice can range from relatively easy going to downright sweaty. It’s an adaptable way to practice that allows you to reach your particular goals and abilities.People who have an injury or condition that won’t let them stand or who may not be able to get down to (or up from) the floor, may choose to practice common yoga poses while seated in a chair. A folding chair or other sturdy chair with a low, open back will allow you to use the back and legs of the chair to help you get into the pose.
13 Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors