Cholesterol and Arteries – Full Interview With Dr. Joel Kahn, MD.

Diet is an essential part of keeping the arteries healthy, along with other lifestyle aspects.
Certain foods are beneficial for cardiovascular health, while other foods can increase a persons risk of heart disease.
The following sections look at the scientific evidence behind how diet can help with atherosclerosis and maintain artery health.Exercising on most days of the week is an excellent way to keep your arteries healthy and so is smart supplementation. Vitamins D and K are important for strong bones and teeth and a health immune system, but did you also know that this pair are essential to arterial health? Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium while Vitamin K helps your body better utilize calcium and keep it out of the arterial walls and protect your arterial elasticity.vitamin K2 is the only known nutrient that can not only protect from but also reverse plaque buildup in the arteries. This makes it a vastly important part of a heart-healthy diet and supplement plan, provided you also get plenty of vitamin D and calcium.
How To Remove Cholesterol From Your Arteries