Combating CHRONIC FATIGUE | 10 Minute Daily Routines

People with ME/CFS tend to do better when they exercise while in a seated or recumbent (leaning back) position. “By sitting or reclining, they are reducing the strain from reduced blood flow so that their bodies can better tolerate limited exercise,” Dr. Holladay explains.
For some people with ME/CFS, he recommends starting an exercise routine with stationary pedals or a recumbent bike, depending on what the person can tolerate.
Pedaling for five minutes with no or low resistance on a recumbent bike could be a good starting point. If you want to incorporate your upper body, he suggests lifting some light weights, such as 1- or 2-pound dumbbells, and doing only one set of just a few reps.
If you purchase a set of stationary pedals, you could sit on a chair or even lie on the floor while pedaling. “I generally prefer the stationary pedals or recumbent bike to a regular upright stationary bicycle because the regular bicycle puts them in a more upright position,” Dr. Holladay says, and staying upright for long periods can lead to crashing.
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