Could Diet Reform The Prison System?

large study of prison diets in California, New York, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Florida, Shoenthaler found that prisoner’s eating habits could be used to predict future violent behavior. Now normally, past violent behavior is considered the best prediction of future violence. But professor Shoenthaler found that a poor diet is an even better predictor of violent behavior.
So where do vegetarian diets fit into all of this? Well, since vegetarian diets represent nutrition par excellence, we would expect some pretty definite effects.
Meet Robert King. King was sentenced to a 28 year term at Powhatan Correctional Center in Virginia for burglary. When he got to prison King weighed 275 pounds and was addicted to cocaine. Since that time he has eaten his way back to physical and mental health. King became a near vegan through a special program at the prison, and it had a big effect on him. He lost 50 pounds, freed himself of drug dependency and earned 53 credits at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College with an A average. King credited his new diet for his big turnaround and said “it all begins and ends with my diet.” The Corrections Facility Director Tom Parlett confirmed the effect of the better diet on the inmates in the program, and said that he had seen their whole attitudes change