Deep Squats Are Not Safe (This Makes Me So Mad) + 1 POWERFUL Exercise!

People can perform squats in various ways, each of which has different benefits. However, a traditional squat involves the following steps:
Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart and the toes pointing slightly outward. The arms should be straight out in front.
Bend the knees to push the hips backward, keeping the back straight and the torso upright. The movement is similar to sitting back in a chair.
Once the knees reach a 90-degree angle or lower, push back up through the feet to straighten the legs.
Some tips to ensure proper form include:
keeping the knees in line with the feet
keeping the weight on the balls of the feet to avoid tilting forward
keeping the heels on the floor throughout the movement
straightening the back and keeping the torso upright during the squatThe specific benefits to the body include:
strengthening the musclesTrusted Source
 in the legs, including the quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings
strengthening the knee joint
burning fat and promoting weight loss
strengthening the lower back
improving flexibility in the lower bodySquatting with weights can increase the risk of injury, including damage to the knees or lower back, when a person does not perform the exercise correctly. Anyone performing weighted squats for the first time should consider seeking the guidance of a trainer.