Fix Your Torn Meniscus Without Surgery

The knee is a complicated structure with a lot of moving parts, and the meniscus is only one of them. Nevertheless, every joint is linked and connected and one cannot function properly if the others are problematic. It’s important that your physical therapist is well trained and attentive to your particular type of tear and overall condition in case it is a torn meniscusPhysical therapy – PT is a safe, effective, and often very successful way to treat a lot of these tears if paired with proper bracing. A good therapist will understand the importance of checking the hips, ankle and lower back for deficiencies when treating the knee. To treat a meniscal tear, the knee’s flexibility and strength must also be addressed.dvanced physical therapy techniques – More advanced techniques such as dry needling and manual stimulation of the muscles may also be used to treat a torn meniscus. A manual physical therapist (a special and highly trained designation) will be able to manipulate the knee, hip and ankle joints, as well as the spine, as needed to improve the overall leg functionPlatelet rich plasma injections – Occasionally, injections into the knee for pain relief are required. However, it’s also possible to introduce growth and healing factors via injection – including a remedial substance called platelet rich plasma. At our practice, Dr. Warner often uses these advanced techniques to promote natural healing of the knee tissues (including meniscal tissue) so that her patients may avoid surgery for a torn meniscus.

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