Gravitas Plus: Is too much exercise killing you? | Puneeth Rajkumar’s death | Palki Sharma Live

First of all, when it comes to knowing how much exercise is too much, everyone is different. That means that one person may be able to handle 10 hours a week running, and the other only 3. Generally, things like background fitness, age, training schedule, muscle memory, recovery, time, and stress all play an important role in knowing how much you can train. Not planning your training correctly around those above factors often results in injury, fatigue, and lack of motivation.
However, for an adult, the CDC recommends around 5 hours of moderate exercise per week of 2 hours of more intense workouts. Most people typically fall into the medium by splitting their time between high-intensity and moderate training each week.
One study has shown that runners that train at a light to moderate level had a lower risk of death than people that don’t exercise. While this is not surprising, they did find people who ran at a high intensity three times a week or more had a similar risk of dying as the people that don’t train.
How Much is too Much Exercise? Side Effects & Dangers of Training