Harvard psychiatrist says this is the secret to happiness

A common phenomenon among people is to attach conditions to their happiness. What that means is most people want to feel happy, as long as certain conditions, like success, wealth, safety, etc., are met. But deep happiness has one rule—you cannot put anything above your happiness.Desires take on so many forms. In order to let true happiness into our lives, we must acknowledge that these desires prevent us from being happy because they attach conditions to our happiness. For example, we may think to ourselves, “I won’t be happy until this condition in my life is met.” However, happiness doesn’t work this way. In order to be truly happy, you can’t desire anything, you must flow with life and accept what is and love what is.The hardest part is that we must want this happiness over everything. This isn’t always second nature for everyone and may take some reminders while we reframe our mindsets. But with time you’ll find that your inner peace will remain intact no matter what’s going on in the outside world, and that is a beautiful gift.