Heal the Stomach & Gut With ALOE VERA | Dr. Mandell

Aloe Vera has three essential properties, vitamin, B, C and, E, beta-carotene, and minerals. All these three properties help cure stomach issues. It also has the presence of aloe which is a laxative and rises the intestinal content of water, which in turn aids the smooth flow of bowel movement. Aloe vera has magical properties to activate the digestive enzymes in our stomach like pepsin, pancreatic lipase, trypsin, and amylase. With the activation of enzymes, the stomach breaks down fats and enzymes efficiently to make the process smoother.Aloe vera is also implied as a miracle plant by a lot of people out there as it has more than 150 biologically active substances like minerals, amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, saponins, anthraquinones, salicylic, and phytosterols. A lot of good bacterias already exist inside our intestines and assist the body in the digestion of food. During the process of digestion, the same bacteria produce vitamins that are highly crucial in our life. Weak digestion occurs when the stomach is unable to divide food into tiny particles, in turn leading to improper absorption in the blood. Since it is difficult to process food particles of immense size, the body of the patient leads to constipation. This in turn leads to the diet being processed as waste. This makes the patient feel weak.Aloe vera juice for the stomach has anti-inflammatory characteristics which prevent gastrointestinal inflammation. Aloe vera juice is filled with plant mucilage and various other compounds that help any kind of skin inflammation. It also helps cure and rule out the internal inflammation from the digestive tract.