Healthy After 40: The Natural Way | Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A

It’s easy to get pulled into the world of quick fixes and “magic pills,” but tread with caution when it comes to supplementation. “I recommend getting your vitamin D checked to see how much, or if, you need to supplement,” says Smith. “Most people can benefit from a probiotic or fish oil supplement, but it’s always wise to have a conversation with a professional about your diet and have someone with trained eyes look at your blood work.” And while you’re at the doctor, here are 20 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor.When you were 20, you might have gotten away with getting only four or five hours of sleep, but those days are long gone. You’re likely being pulled in a million different directions, but it’s crucial to your health and sanity that you schedule adequate sleep each night. “We need seven to eight hours of sleep per night,” says Smith. “Also, as we get older we might need more sleep.”