High-tech prostate cancer test helping save lives | 7NEWS

Learning that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer can be one of the scariest moments in your life. It might be difficult to be optimistic. the develop of new technology in cancer treatment is helping more and more people effectively treat their cancer and live longer, fuller, healthier lives than ever before.
When most people think about cancer treatment, their minds probably go to radiation and chemotherapy. While these methods are still the primary types of treatment for various kinds of cancer, the technology used to administer them has changed a great deal.Once of the best examples of new technology in cancer treatment is a new process called ChemoID. Through ChemoID, an oncologist has a higher chance of using the most effective chemotherapy drugs for a patient’s particular cancer. During ChemoID, a doctor takes a small sample of a patient’s tumor. Then, that sample is used to grow bulk tumor cells and cancer stem cells. By testing these cells with a variety of chemNew technology in cancer treatment has also changed the way doctors and patients can approach radiation. In many people’s minds, radiation therapy has been known to impact and even damage healthy parts of the body surrounding the cancerous tumors. Advancements in technology have lessened much of that danger and made radiation into a safer, more effective form of treatment.otherapy drugs, a doctor can determine which medicines kill the most cells most effectively. 
New Technology Is Making a Difference in the Fight Against Cancer