Home exercise programme to lower your Blood Pressure

Aerobic classes. Sign up for classes like aqua aerobics, Zumba and a functional fitness class. When in doubt, ask your gym or rec center what classes they offer that fit your needs.
Brisk walking. You’ll have to walk faster than you normally walk to elevate your heart and breathing rate.
Cycling. Riding your bike does count if it’s done for at least 10 minutes and you’re actively pedaling. A beginner cycling class could also be a great way to get a workout scheduled into your routine.
Dancing. Dance classes like Zumba are a good workout. Any dancing counts if it incorporates full body movement and elevates the heart rate.
Gardening or other yardwork. This can include mowing the lawn and raking leaves. Aim for 30 to 45 minutes of yardwork.
Hiking. If you’re new to hiking, stay on beginner’s trails at first. Have a goal to work up to more difficult paths.
Running or jogging. The talk test can be used for jogging or running to make sure you’re starting at a good pace. You can alternate jogging and running with walking, too. Start off at shorter distances and slower speeds and slowly work up to longer distances or faster speeds.
Swimming. Most people are familiar with the freestyle stroke, so it might be the easiest stroke for beginner swimmers. If that stroke is too difficult, aqua jogging can be a good starting point for someone getting used to exercising in the pool. Using equipment like a pool noodle or an aqua jogging belt to add extra buoyancy while jogging can also be helpful.
How Exercise Helps Lower Blood Pressure and 8 Activities To Try