How do carbohydrates impact your health? – Richard J. Wood

Carbohydrates often get a bad rap, especially when it comes to weight gain. But carbohydrates, often called carbs, aren’t all bad. Because of their many health benefits, carbs have a rightful place in the diet. In fact, the body needs carbs to work well.
But some carbs can be better for you than others. Understand more about carbohydrates and how to make healthy diet choicesCarbohydrates are a type of macronutrient found in many foods and beverages. Most carbs occur naturally in plant-based foods, such as grains. Food manufacturers also add carbs to processed foods in the form of starch or added sugar.
Common sources of naturally occurring carbohydrates include:

Beans, peas and lentilsSugar. Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrate. It occurs naturally in some foods, including fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products. Types of sugar include fruit sugar (fructose), table sugar (sucrose) and milk sugar (lactose). Added sugars can be found in many foods, such as cookies, sugary drinks and candy.
Starch. Starch is a complex carbohydrate. This means it is made of many sugar units bonded together. Starch occurs naturally in vegetables, grains, and cooked dry beans and peas.
Fiber. Fiber also is a complex carbohydrate. It occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and cooked dry beans and peas.