How Semen Retention Can Change Your Life?

Your spiritual energy will begin to flow when you stop eating meat for pleasure. You will stop objectifying women, and you will begin to respect them. Watching these videos can cause a negative effect on your brain and lower your dopamine levels. You will also feel calmer in all situations.Many of us work hard every day to achieve our goals. If you want to live the life you dream of, you will need to have strong self-confidence.
Excessive masturbation can cause dopamine receptor damage. PubMed found that people with low levels of dopamine generally have low confidence.Because of semen retention, you will be able to recall things you used to forget.
Semen retention has been proven to increase memory power for those who practice it.
This claim is not supported by scientific evidence. Many people notice that masturbating regularly can make it difficult to remember the smallest details.A study on 65-year-old men revealed that low testosterone was associated with decreased sleep duration, lower quality sleep, more frequent waking up and disturbed sleeping patterns. A high level of testosterone free is essential for good sleep quality.
This is the odd part about it: more sleep equals more testosterone.
The body has 10% less testosterone if men sleep less than 5-6 hours a night.
Rest for more testosterone and better sleep.
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