How To Be Alone | 4 Healthy Ways

 Being alone is choosing to be in your own space, while still remaining grounded and optimistic about life. Your world doesn’t necessarily revolve around people nor does it stop when a relationship or friendship falls apart.Less social individuals, and introverts, in particular, can attest to this. Introverts are shy, reserved, and homebodies by nature. If you’re one, you feel more energized and happy and even thrive in solitude.You’re able to retreat to your place of solace, process the loss, and remain balanced. Having these qualities enables introverted individuals to live single, Humans are intended to be social creatures, so feeling lonely from time to time is normal. However, a prolonged period of loneliness can lead to a decline in physical and mental health.
Researchers found a link between chronic loneliness and isolation and health conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.happy, and content with or without romantic connections or a string of friends.Another way to protect yourself from loneliness and depression is by leaning on your support system. This is your network of trusted people and confidants who can offer empathy, validate your feelings, and provide words of encouragement. Affirmations have been proven to boost self-esteem and self-confidence and change a person’s perspective about their life. Three of my favorite affirmations to overcome feelings of loneliness are “I am enough,” “My life has meaning,” and “I radiate happiness.Mental health apps: Apps for mental wellness can be easily downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. Feel free to use them at your convenience to learn positive coping skills or improve your mood. A 2018 study suggested that mental health apps have proved valuable in providing supplemental psychiatric treatment and helping patients self-manage their condition.
11 Ways to Be Happy Alone and Single