How To Burn More Calories Lifting Weights (Do These 3 Things)

Anaerobicexercise, like weightlifting, on the other hand, is high intensity. With quick bursts of high intensity exercise, your body doesn’t get enough oxygen to supply your muscles quickly enough, so your cells start to break down sugars instead. Since this level of intensity cannot be maintained for very long, anaerobic exercise tends to be short-lived.
“Strength training is not a highly aerobic exercise, so many people believe that it is not a good way to burn fat,” explains Rocky Snyder, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, of Rocky’s Fitness Center in Santa Cruz, CA. Snyder says that they are correct in some ways, but that strength training can burn fat in ways that other exercise cannot.
Anaerobic exercise may be short-lived, but its calorie-burning effects are not.
“Immediately following a strength training session, the body needs to replenish the energy drained and repair the muscle damage that has been caused,” Snyder says. “The repair process uses aerobic energy for several hours.”
In other words, more intense exercises such as weight and strength training burn calories and fat for a longer time post-exercise than lower intensity aerobic exercises.