How to Cook Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

My go-to method for years has been: (for two of us) 5 large eggs, 1 large yolk, salt and pepper, and a splash of cream. I cook the whisked eggs in butter, over the lowest heat possible on the stove, stirring constantly, for a very long time. But recently, I’ve come across a true game-changer on the scrambled eggs front. This not only ensures the soft texture I want, but it also allows me to finish the rest of the meal without too much multitasking, or cold eggs.
I still keep the 5 whole eggs/1 yolk/salt and pepper ratio, but have introduced two big changes. First, the splash of cream is replaced by a small splash of good olive oil. This is not a moment for your strongly flavored “finishing” olive oil. This requires the use of the extra-virgin olive oil that you use for daily cooking. And before you ask, no — the eggs do not taste like olive oil. They taste more like eggs, without the dulling effect of dairy…I was shocked.