How to END Seizures (Epilepsy) Once and For All

Seizures can be scary, particularly grand mal seizures that result in repeated head movements or flailing limbs. Typically, the very first thing you want to do is to make the person safe by lowering them to the ground and removing any potentially harmful objects from the area. Then, you should call emergency services, particularly if it’s the first time the person has ever had a seizure.

If the person is sitting or standing, you need to get them to the ground so they don’t fall and injure themselves. Lower them as well as you can to the ground, trying to stay out of the way of any flailing limbs.[3]

  • Place the person on their side. To help the person breathe, turn them so they are on their side. That will help keep their airway clear.

Reduce the risk of injury by checking the area.
 Move anything away from the person that could cause them harm if they come in contact with it. Look for anything that is hard or sharp, and make sure it’s out of rangePlace something soft under the person’s head. Often, seizures will result in repeated head movements. That could lead to the person injuring themselves if they bang their head against the floor. Place a pillow or a jacket underneath the person’s head to reduce the chance of injuryStay clear of the person. Often, with a grand mal seizure, the person may flail their arms or legs. You shouldn’t try to restrain the person. In fact, once you have them safe, it’s a good idea to stay out of their way
Call an ambulance if it’s the first time the person has had a seizure.
 If you know the person well and they’ve never had a seizure before, you should call emergency services to get immediate medical care. They can assist in stopping the seizure once they arrive.[7]