How To NAVIGATE JEALOUSY in Your Relationship

Healthy jealousy is shown when the person is able to control their jealousy so that it doesn’t morph into anger. It’s considered healthy when you can communicate with your partner about why you feel jealous. Jealousy is considered a necessary emotion because it preserves social bonds and motivates people to engage in behaviors that maintain essential relationships. Sometimes jealousy is the result of the person feeling passionate about their relationship. Jealousy can come from the fear of losing the relationship. Jealousy can exist in a relationship without a third person involved. It could be that your partner got a raise at work, and you’ve been hoping for one yourself. Maybe they passed you in that race you’ve been preparing for. Jealousy stemming from competition is to be expected. Communication makes all the difference. Have an open and honest conversation. Let your partner know what made you feel uncomfortable. When you feel jealous, analyze it. Where do the feelings comes from, and why? Reflect on what in your past has created triggers for you.

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