How to Stop Ingrown Hair & Razor Bumps from Waxing & Shaving | Treatments & Products | Black Skin

According to Black Enterprise, it is estimated that up to 80% of African-American men suffer from razor bumps at some point during their lives

Ingrown hairs are the often consequence of the improper removal of hair via shaving or plucking. So, whether you’re using your razor, tweezers, or even your hands, you’re putting yourself at risk for a potential infection. 

Razor bumps are a common skin condition for men ranging from teens to those teetering retirement. Some brothers suffer from razor bumps starting from their very first shave. And, if they never change their shaving routine, razor bumps can linger and worsen. And, for the record razor bumps don’t only occur when you use a straight razor or single blade. 

The fact is, razor bumps can happen even if you use the most high-tech, multi-blade razor on the market. And if you have coarse, curly hair, you’re more likely to frequently suffer from ingrown hairs.Second, you have to know how your hair grows. Grain mapping (a.k.a. Tracking the direction your hairs grow before you shave) is a great way to reduce the occurrence of razor bumps. Another secret to a good shave is to decrease the tension between the blades and your hair and skin. What does that mean?  Shaving ‘with the grain’ as much as you can. FB Grooming Tip: To accurately grain map, you pull your skin taut while looking in the mirror. This will allow you to start to see the patterns that form with new follicle growth. Then, you’ll know how to position your blade to consistently shave ‘with the grain’ instead of against it.

Next up — products. You gotta use the right ones. Remember, the goal is to decrease the tension between the blade, your skin, and hair follicle. That means you need to lubricate your hair and skin to let the razor do it’s best work. 

However, a sharp blade combined with grain mapping means nothing if you can’t see what you’re shaving. Traditional aerosols and foams cover your face (hiding hair follicles) and don’t have the proper “slip” to allow your razor to glide effectively. 

As an alternative, we recommend a pre-shave routine to maintain moisture, starting with our Easy Primer Pre-Shave & Beard Oil to soften your hair and add glide without greasy residue.Over 97% of male users reported a significant decrease in the appearance of bumps in as little as 14 days of use. Simply, apply liberally, then spread evenly across the affected areas to moisturize your skin without the harsh sting of traditional alcohol-based after-shaves.