How to Treat Dry Eyes. Top 7 BEST Dry Eye Treatments Explained by an MD

People with vitamin D deficiency may be prone to dry eye, according to several studies that have examined the association between vitamin D or vitamin D deficiency and dry eye syndrome. A 2017 study that included 17,542 adults in Korea, for instance, found that vitamin D levels in those with dry eye syndrome were significantly lower than in those without dry eyes.2

A small study published in Medical Science Monitor in 2017 also examined the association between vitamin D levels and dry eye syndrome and found that levels were lower in people with dry eye syndrome.3

Correcting a vitamin D deficiency appears to improve dry eye syndrome, according to a study published in 2016 in Scientific Reports. For the study, vitamin D supplementation promoted tear secretion, reduced tear instability, and reduced measures of eye inflammation in people with dry eye syndrome who hadn’t responded to conventional treatment.4

Further research is needed, however, as not all studies have found an association between low vitamin D and dry eye syndrome.