How to Wake Up Early and Be Productive | Powerful Morning Routine for Students and Youth

Work on a new business venture
Prep healthy, nutritious and leanmazing foods that will keep your body fuelled all day long
Get 20-40 mins of quality exercise in
Complete daily tasks so that you have more time with you loved ones later in the day (or in the morning if it’s Hudson!)Drinking water
The first change I made was that I stopped drinking water at 7 PM. If you’re anything like me, I was getting up to go to the bathroom multiple times per night which would seriously disrupt my sleep!
White Noise
The second change I made was to sleep with a fan. This is something that Brodie has been doing for awhile (except she uses a white noise machine) and she loves it! I find that a fan, even if it’s blowing in the opposite direction, can help the quality of my sleep!
Sleep Aids
The third change I tried was melatonin! I must say I am not an avid user of melatonin, but if I feel energized and “not tired” when I am getting ready for bed, taking a small dose of melatonin can really help the deepness of your sleep!!
Length of Sleep!
Finally, regardless of how “good” your sleep is, if you don’t get “enough” you will not be able to full recharge and recover!
Getting into bed at 9:30 and watching Netflix for an hour and half may be relaxing, but it is not contributing to “more sleep”. Often times, people measure their length of sleep by “when they get into bed”, when in actual fact they are falling asleep 1-2 hours after that time! If watching a show in bed is “your thing” then try to start your routine earlier so that you can truly get the sleep you need!!!
Think of it like your phone. If you phone requires 8 hours to get a “full charge” and you plug it in for 6 hours, you are only going to get 75% of its total capacity.
Similarly, if you know that to function at your best takes 8 hours sleep, then shoot for that 8 hours! Don’t settled for 7, 6, or less!